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fevereiro 19, 2007


'querido' Querido Carlos Alberto..

Come e Cala:

"This is to inform you that your movie 'QUEREDOS CARLOS ALBERTO' submited for Mise-en-Scene (International Students' Film Festival) has won the (joint) FIRST prize in the 'Long Film(Fiction) Category.Your certificate will be sent to you shortly.
Regards Ms.Amit Kaur Student Coordinator Indraprastha College for Women Delhi University"
"We are glad to announce you that your film "Querido Carlos Alberto" was retained for the official selection of the 17th edition of the international student short-film festival of Cergy-Pontoise. Your film will be diffused on Saturday March 31 st 2007 at the cinema Royal Utopia of Pontoise (95) and will be in competition to receive one of the 4 prices given by the jury and the public of the festival."

From Bollywood to Hollywood: à bientot Paris! A foto é da Rosa, a 'estrelinha' do filme.

queredos e credos
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